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Various computer services - too many to list, but we are sure that we cover almost all of them.
List of services on this page:
Computer repairs
Computer virus & spyware
Virtual machine
MS Windows 10
Internet & broadband
Cable & PSU testing
Computer checkup
Remote access
Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
Kodi updates and add-ons
Android Media Boxes
In the comfort of your own home or place of business - we have worked in the education sector before and hold a CRB/DBS.
In general we are able to work with any brand or make of desktop laptop computer. We are trained with Microsoft operating systems and many other applications. Many repairs are based purely on software issues, but we very often have to diagnose and repair or replace hardware.
Data - all types
One of the biggest issues that we find is where data is not backed up or stored in another safe location. It could be on an external hard disk drive or memory stick - or these days on Cloud type devices. We are often called in just at the point where the client has just realised that they may very well loose all of that precious data. This is where data recovery comes into action.
Internet & network
We are more than ever reliant upon the Internet in our daily lives - we tend to forget it, yet many could not cope without it.
Cloning & data transfer
This cannot be used for illegal purposes and will fail any validation that an operating system has, if fitted to a different computer system. A cloned HDD needs to be fitted back into the original computer unit.
Webpage design
We are considering offering website design as another additional service - the pricing structure would depend upon the size, design, layout and nature of the specific pages and proposed site.





Here is a complete list of our services - we will endeavour to add more to the list.

  • Tuition

    We are able to offer tuition as a service - we are able to offer this service in either your home or place of work. The service includes: how to use the Internet, how to use email, Word documents, moving data, backing up and simple fault diagnosis with spyware and virus removal.
  • This service is charged at our standard rate of £35.00 per hour.

  • Computer repairs

    We provide a range of repairs for `personal computers` running versions of Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10). This could involve software repairs or component repair/replacement or both.
  • We are often tasked with repairing computers that will not start or that are infected with spyware or viruses and corrupt file structures within the computer operating system.
  • We will accept both desktop and laptop computers for any kind of repair - but please be aware that laptop computers, by the nature of their design are normally more tricky to repair than desktop computers - and so are generally more expensive to repair.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 is now out and we have already built, upgraded, installed and repaired computers running the new operating system.
  • This service is charged at our standard rate of £35.00 per hour.

  • Computer virus & spyware

    Many may have noticed that there are various ways in which `scammers` and `opportunists` will try to gain access to your computers.
  • You may receive phone calls, emails or web links - the truth is, that no genuine company is going to contact you, unless you already know them, and then claim that your computer is distributing virus files or emails.
  • We are very aware that some of these scams sound genuine, but in truth they are extremely damaging to your computer data and your bank balance!
  • We offer a variety of computer services and professional assistance to either help you get rid of the problem or/and offer you advice. We are very aware of some of these scam phone calls and what they are likely to try and do to your computer and personal data, which includes banking details.
  • This service is charged at our standard rate of £35.00 per hour.

  • Virtual Machine (VM)

    Oracle VM Virtualbox is a piece of software that allows for different operating systems to run in VM (Virtual Machine) mode on or within another operating system. We have used this within Microsoft Windows 8.1 & 10 and then used for example: MS Windows 98, 2000 & XP in VM mode. The benefit of having a computer running software in VM mode, is that it allows the user to run other software that may not run in the newer Microsoft Operating Systems, in a virtual environment without affecting the main O/S. It also doesn't require dual or multi-boot when starting the computer.

This service is charged at our standard rate of £35.00 per hour.

  • Microsoft Windows 10

    A new MS Windows 10 support page has been added to our pages. This MS Windows 10 free update service from Microsoft has now officially ended. If you now require an update to MS Windows 10, you will now have to pay for it, either by purchasing the media or by paying for the MS Windows 10 download.
  • Note. AMD graphics cards - We have also noticed that AMD (used to be ATI) are also not supporting some of their older graphics cards in MS Windows 10 with their Catalyst drivers - you may need to use the standard MS Windows driver for older cards - this may cause some loss of some functionality.
  • Note 2. MS Windows 10 automatic updates - We are also reading on the Internet and hearing (from our own clients) that some Microsoft computers that are (were) not running MS Windows 10, have been automatically updated without their consent. Here is another article.
  • Note 3. MS Windows 10 another update - In May 2016 we had another large MS Windows 10 update! Here is an article on ITPro.
  • This service is charged at our standard rate of £35.00 per hour.

  • Data services page

    Data recovery service is used when the data becomes corrupt or the computer is unusable. At this point data is often more important than the actual computer and data is needed for what ever reasons. This service can be used to recover data from a damaged hard disk drive.
  • We use specialist equipment to attempt to read and then recover the data - it can be quite a lengthy and time consuming process.
  • If we are unable to recover the data - and where it is essential that it is recovered, we also use another national data recovery company, but only after we have established that the problem is more complicated - we always inform the client first.
  • Data cloning is another data service we offer - more information listed her.

This service is charged by the specific requirements of the problem - often prices start at around £200.00, but may easily be more than double this.

  • Internet, broadband & fibre optic

    We are able to repair issues within the property, but are not able to repair routers (other than to reconfigure them) or equipment supplied by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). We do provide replacement equipment and we are able to configure and reconfigure software to try and repair Internet faults. We always suggest checking with the ISP before assuming a fault within a property.
  • This service is charged at our standard rate of £35.00 per hour.

  • Cable and Power Supply (PSU) testing

    This service is a simple service - we have diagnostic test equipment that enables us to check for faults in cables and additional equipment to test for faults in PSUs or motherboards.
  • This service is charged at our standard rate of £35.00 per hour.

  • Computer checkup

    This service is a simple `computer checkup` service - we will check the client's computer to make sure that it has: anti-virus software, anti-spyware software, maintenance software and is generally in a working condition. Repairs are not part of this `checkup service`; but, we will either provide the client with a list of issues and an estimate for any further work or try to repair the computer (with additional costs), if it is mutually convenient at the time.
  • If you chose, we are also able to offer this service via remote computer access - as long as certain criteria are met:
  • 1. It is by mutual consent and previously arranged and agreed.
  • 2. You have downloaded our linked free remote access software.
  • 3. You are an existing client of ours.
  • 4. Your Internet access must be working to a good standard.
  • 5. It is understood that this is a `checkup` and not a repair - unless mutually agreed.
  • 6. You agree to our Terms & Conditions.
  • This service is charged at our standard rate of £35.00 per hour.

  • Remote Access Control

    This service is a more complicated service - we offer to remotely access (control) your computer with your consent. You would need to download the software via our Remote Access Control & Repair Page and then book an appointment with us. We normally carry out the remote access while discussing the issue on the phone. You provide us with your security code from the software displayed on your computer and then we enter your security code at our end and then start the remote access control process - you then have to allow our remote access connection - so, you have full control and are able to see exactly what we do and can stop it or discuss it with us!
  • This service is charged at £10.00 for the first 15 minutes and then £8.00 per every 15 minutes up to the hour and then charged at £35.00 per hour.

  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

    This service is carried out under the legislation listed below.
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

    We are able to undertake most kinds of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), we use the Seaward Europa tester and are qualified to City and Guilds 2377 standards. We test appliances in accordance with the IEE Code of Practice (for in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment) 4th Edition.

    Specialist Portable Appliance Testing - Due to the nature of our business (IT & computers) we are able to combine our IT & computer knowledge with Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and to offer IT Portable Appliance Testing as a specialist service.

    General Portable Appliance Testing - We also offer all the normal Portable Appliance Testing services for Class 1, Class 11 and Class 111 equipment. This includes all electrical equipment located within a: business, school, hotel, office, shop, commercial kitchen and all the other areas where the IEE Code of Practice covers.

    Testing - We understand that some businesses may wish to have their electrical equipment tested out of normal business hours. Others may wish to have their equipment tested within normal business hours, so we are able to offer both. All PAT testing services are by appointment only.

    Documentation - We then provide all the normal pass or fail labels (latest version), plus we can also provide a printed copy of all test results produced by the Portable Appliance Test equipment. We use a Seaward PAT tester, a Metrotest PAT tester and a Fluke electrical tester.

    Cost of work - This depends upon the number of items to be tested and the time of day of the test. There is also a minimum charge for this service of £15.00. Please contact us for further details.

    1 - 10 items @ £2.00 per item
    1 - 50 items @ £1.75
    per item
    1 - 100 items @ £1.50
    per item
    1 - 250 items @ £1.25
    per item
    1 - 500 items @ £1.00
    per item

    Minimum charge for this service £15.00 (as a group of items)

    Travel charges of £20.00 per hour (if applicable, but not within 2 mile radius)

    Repairs - In most cases we are able to carry out basic repairs to equipment that is found to be faulty. This would include: fuses, plugs and some soldering work.

    Qualifications - City and Guilds 2377 - Certificates for: Management of Electrical Equipment Maintenance and Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment.

    IEE Code of Practice 4th Edition - Provides all the guidelines and requirements for PAT testing. It covers: Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. It also provides details for passing or failing all electrical equipment within the work place.